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A proven way to learn Spanish

Spanish classes offered by Berlitz incorporate our proven language learning strategies. The Berlitz Method which focuses on conversational language learning is designed to help you feel comfortable speaking, writing and listening to Spanish in real-world settings.

Spanish language learning is offered in a variety of different settings online, ranging from group classes to private, one-on-one lessons.

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Our Spanish language learning options

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Private online Spanish language learning

Berlitz offers one-on-one private online language learning for a more individual approach to meet your business or personal goals. With private Spanish language learning is personalized and you’ll learn to speak with confidence quickly. Learn online from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have Internet access.

  • Fastest way to learn
  • Live lessons with a Berlitz instructor
  • Tailored to your specific needs
Learn Spanish Online | Berlitz Canada

Small Group online Spanish language learning

Learning Spanish online with Berlitz feels like you're learning in a classroom, especially with our small group online Spanish classes. Our real-time, live instruction features the same proven techniques that we have perfected over 140 years and have helped millions of students learn new languages. With the flexibility to learn from wherever you choose, you can plan your language learning around your busy schedule.

  • Flexible schedules; up to 4 in a group
  • Live instruction with a Berlitz instructor
  • Practice with others

Why learn Spanish?

An estimated 460 million people speak Spanish, making it the second most spoken language on the planet behind Chinese. It is the official language of 20 countries, which spans three continents (Europe, North America and South America). When you learn Spanish, you will truly have the ability to communicate with millions of people across the planet.


Learn Spanish with Berlitz
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