SLE Preparation for Federal Government

Do you want to prepare for the Second Language Evaluation Test for Federal government and public services? With over 50 years of experience in delivering professional language training, Berlitz Canada is the number one language training resource for the Federal Government.

Why choose Berlitz ?

Berlitz Canada has the experience and skilled professional instructors that have helped thousands with different government organizations across the country meet and exceed the levels in accordance with the Public Service Commission Requirements. With our proven Berlitz method and years of experience we have an intimate understanding of government training requirements in English, French or any other desired language. When you choose Berlitz, you can expect:

What is SLE?

The SLE Test assesses your capability to understand and communicate in your second language. Berlitz offers training in all general proficiency levels required for bilingual job positions. Read through the details for Second Language Evaluation (SLE).

Test of Oral Proficiency

The Oral Language Assessment measures your communication capabilities in your second official language. Evaluation of Oral Proficiency is conducted in about 4 parts which are based on work-related topics and the test takes about 20-40 mins. The instructor will equip you with spontaneity and lexical tools to become more fluent and decrease hesitations.

Test of Written Expression

The evaluation of written assessment is based on the grammatical and vocabulary knowledge. It takes you through a variety of informal and formal work-related situations in the form of emails, notes, memos, letters, reports and research papers. At Berlitz, special attention is paid towards the development of ideas into correct vocabulary and coherent sentences.

Test of Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension Test is based on your potentiality to understand and interpret in your second language. There are a total of 60 questions out of which only 50 count towards your score. You will have 90 minutes to complete the question which will be of two types : choose the best word or group of words to insert in the blank and answer a question about the text.

How our Program Works

With years of Expertise our instructors help you reach Level A, B or C depending on your career goals. Whether your second official language is English or French, our one-on-one Private Classes are designed to be more adaptable and customized to your needs. Content used for the training is the official content assigned by the Public Service Commission.

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