Berlitz Flex

Available in English, German, Spanish & French.

Speak a new language fluently with our new online self-paced product that combines​​​​​​​ online learning with one-on-one coaching from expert instructors.


See how Berlitz Flex works


You're in full control:​​​​​​​

Choose when and how you learn:​

  • Learn whenever you want with on demand content available online 24/7. No need to travel or commute anywhere. ​
  • Choose what pace is best for you and how much you want to learn. ​
  • Fast-track your learning with reviews and checkpoints ​
  • Lessons are broken down into interactive activities you can complete whenever you have time.​

One-on-one real-time coaching from language experts

Practice with Berlitz instructors and receive immediate feedback:

  • 20 sessions with instructors available 24/7.​
  • Immediate feedback to make sure you’re on track. ​​
  • Instructors fully dedicated to your success. They’ll give you all the motivation and support you need to reach your goals.​ ​
  • Having true connections with other humans will help you keep learning, build confidence and reach your goals faster. 

Focus on speaking​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Master your speaking skills with exclusive speech recognition:

  • Have real-life conversations using full sentences, not just words.​
  • Fine-tune your pronunciation working on the words that need more practice ​
  • Be yourself!  Speech recognition is non-judgmental and that takes away the intimidation factor of talking with native speakers.  ​

Real results - learn as if you were abroad

Get immersed in your target language:​

  • Lessons and coaching sessions are delivered in your new language only​
  • Content is based on real-life scenarios ​
  • Expose yourself to a variety of accents and cultures. Our instructors come from all over the world.​ ​
  • We incorporate a series of short cultural activities to help you communicate better across countries and cultures.

This is how you learn a language with Berlitz Flex

Berlitz Flex Step 1
Step 1:

Log in to the MyBerlitz online self-learning platform.

Berlitz Flex Step 2
Step 2:

After every 2 self-study lessons, book an online class with a live tutor.

Berlitz Flex Step 3
Step 3:

Reinforce your learning with additional activities and monitor your progress.

Berlitz Flex Step 4
Step 4:

Study at your own pace by completing custom activities.


Online interactive self-study + one-on-one coaching in English, German, Spanish & French. Sign up today!

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