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Check Out These Celebrity Polyglots

Some people have a stereotype of celebrities: beautiful, rich, and perhaps not too intellectual.

Things to Know About Canada and French Canadians

Canada is one of the most diversified countries in the world. Many cultures and regions have their own opinions and history. Here are some things to know about Canada and French Canadians.

Effective Communications Varies by Cultures

Much has been written about the etiquette of dealing with people of other cultures. Less well documented is the best way to communicate with others electronically.

A Simple, Step-Wise Approach To Understanding Other Cultures

Here’s a simple process to begin preparing to work, live or visit areas with different cultures than your own.

Truths and Myths About Language Learning for Infants and Young Children

Which are truths, and which are myths?

Tips to Stay Motivated Learning a New Language

Even the most committed language learner sometimes reaches a point when motivation lags. It’s just natural. But, really learning a new language takes persistence.

The Need for Cultural Learning Goes Two Ways

There’s almost no debate that the Canadian workforce is becoming increasingly diversified, and so are local communities. There’s also little debate about the growing importance of understanding other cultures, both in the workplace and at home.

Making Language Learning Fun

Language learning doesn’t have to be drudgery, spending monotonous hours studying verb tables and memorizing vocabulary.

In Canada, Individuals Need Cultural Knowledge Also

It’s almost universally accepted that in today’s global business and economic environment understanding other cultures is a must. However, the increase in immigration is also making it more important that individuals understand the habits and cultures of other people.

Language Learning; Talk, Don’t Repeat

Are grinding over verb tables and repeating individual words from a recorder the most effective way to learn a new language?

Understanding Canadian Slang and Key Words

Every language has slang or key words you should understand to be a fluent speaker or help make yourself understood when you travel. English and French-Canadian are no exceptions.

Canada, a Hotspot for Cultural Learning

Few, if any countries, celebrate multiculturalism more than Canada.

Speaking Spanish, Important to Growing Canada’s Economy

In addition to its two official languages, there are more than 200 languages spoken in Canada, from Blackfoot to Tagalog.

5 tips for faster, more enjoyable language learning

It takes a lot of fortitude and determination to learn a second language, but there are some ways to make the task easier.

Language and Culture, Working Together

There is a lot of information about the importance of second-language skills in business and travel. Just as much has been written about the importance of cultural learning. But, not so much information has focused on the importance of both, and how they can work together to make learning both more efficient.

Unexpected Benefits of Language Learning

It has been thoroughly documented that learning a second language is good for one’s career, particularly in a bilingual country such as Canada. Bilinguals are more likely to be hired; and then earn higher salaries. As they grow older, language learning has also shown to provide specific health benefits, such as helping delay the onset of such illnesses as dementia.

Learn A Language…But Which One?

It has been documented anecdotally and through statistical research that knowing a second language can help further your career, create more job options and increase your income. However, unless you plan to become a polyglot, the question is which language to learn aside from Canada’s official languages, English and French.

Canada’s Language Evolution

Canada is officially a bilingual country, with English and French the official languages. In reality, however, Canada is becoming less and less bilingual and more and more multilingual, increasing the need to learn new languages.

Thinking in Another Language

The best way to learn a second language is through a proven structured program such as the ones offered by Berlitz. There are many things, however, you can also do to build on what you learn in class.

Learning a Second Language Can Help Your Child for Life

It has long been known, and well publicized, that learning a second language can stimulate the minds of older adults. Language learning can help keep you mentally sharp, improve cognitive skills and even reduce the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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