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Getting the most from online language learning

Forced to hunker down by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have been driven online to work, shop, for entertainment and to learn. 

The future of language learning: Online language classes

The number of people looking to learn a language online has grown considerably in the last five years and is expected to continue to grow over the next decade. In fact, according to a report from Meticulous Research, the global online language learning market is projected to grow by 13.1% by 2025.

What's the best way to learn a language online?

Thinking of learning a foreign language for career advancement, relocation, self-improvement or just for fun, but can’t quite seem to get started?

Online language learning: A great option in these times

As with many parts of the world, COVID-19 is having a profound effect on Canadian life; borders have been closed to non-citizens and non-permanent residents, offices and stores have been shut and schools closed.

Language Translation Apps: No Replacement for Learning

There’s no doubt that foreign language translation apps are growing in popularity. In fact, some people believe they will replace formal language learning.

Learning a Language in the 21st Century

Technology has greatly affected the way we operate in the world. It has given rise to a global economy, brought cultures together, and made the world move in a completely different fashion. 

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