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Published : Wed, Oct 13, 2021 4:00 PM GMT

The advantages of group language learning

Berlitz has long been known for the effectiveness of its individual language learning programs. But its group programs are also based on the proven Berlitz Method®, and are a better fit for some people’s lifestyles, learning skills and preferences.

 In fact, there are advantages to group learning, including:


Learners can grasp conversational skills faster

One complaint of individual learners is they don’t have others with whom to practice their new language. Groups thrive on interaction. Berlitz groups are built on conversations, and there’s no shortage of people with whom to practice. Students can also role play and converse in real life situations further building their skills

 Students help each other learn

Hearing other group members speak and pronounce words can be a good learning tool for others. You will hear words pronounced and used correctly and incorrectly. As other students correct their words, or sentence structure, it also sticks with other students.

It can be more enjoyable

Some students learn better through social interaction. They enjoy participating with others, and sometimes learn faster because it’s fun. Group activities can add to this.

Less anxiety

After some initial nervousness, group members often say they become more relaxed and confident speaking with other group members with whom they have worked and learned.

Small groups mean big participation
At Berlitz, students enjoy all the benefits of group classes but in small groups of up to four, which means students have ample opportunity to participate and practice their language learning skills.


Click here to check out our Small Group programs.

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