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Published : Mon, Jul 19, 2021 4:00 PM GMT

Research shows effectiveness of Berlitz Flex language learning

Research has shown that a new approach to language learning produces results that are equal, and sometimes better, than face-to-face learning.

Berlitz Flex combines self-paced online learning with one-on-one coaching with a Berlitz instructor.

Students log in to their dedicated “MyBerlitz” online platform. They study at their own pace and complete on-demand, interactive lessons designed for his or her learning level. When they feel ready, students simply book a one-on-one online live coaching session with a Berlitz instructor. 

Then, the process repeats.

Berlitz Flex also provides extra activities and regular reviews to boost learning.

The research showing the effectiveness of Flex was conducted by an independent third party among 1,800 language learning students in Japan. About half were in corporate programs and half in personal.


Certification pass rates for Flex students were as good, or better, as students in face-to-face programs.


With Berlitz Flex:

  • Students can learn whenever or wherever they want, by logging on to his or her dedicated platform available 24/7​
  • Lessons are broken down into interactive activities
  • They can choose the pace they feel is the best for them
  • Students can also “fast-track” their learning with reviews and checkpoints ​

They can also master speaking skills through speech recognition, using content based on real-life scenarios and fine-tune pronunciation working on the words that need more practice. ​






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