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Published : Wed, Feb 5, 2020 5:00 PM GMT

Reasons not to learn a language, and why they don’t work

There are many reasons to learn a language and some reasons not; but these most common reasons don’t hold water.

“ I don’t have time.”

If you really want to learn a language, lack of time isn’t really much of a roadblock.

Some people think language learning entails sitting at a desk for hours studying verb tables, vocabulary and grammar. Not true!

The Berlitz Method®, for example, focuses on learning through conversation, just as you did as a child. This is a great way to also learn vocabulary, and the rest will come.

It’s also more effective to study a little each day, rather than entire day once a week. This can be during lunch or even waiting in a doctor’s office. One good approach, practice conversations while walking down a street. Describe the environment to yourself.

“ I’m too old.”

Age is another common excuse, but couldn’t be more wrong.

Many research studies have shown that language learning among older adults is a great mental exercise that can delay the onset of such diseases as Alzheimer’s and dementia. In other words, language learning can help you remain young.

“ I’m not very good at languages.”

Almost everyone can learn a language, even if you struggled in school.

Adults are generally more motivated than children. Again, starting with conversation rather than grammar from a book, as you probably did in a classroom, makes learning more fun and effective. You can also learn at your own pace. Incorporate learning into your daily life. When ordering dinner at a restaurant think about how you would do it in your target language. You’ll be surprised how fast you learn.

“ I don’t want to sound foolish.”

That’s understanding, everyone feels a little embarrassed at first. They get over it, particularly with some progress, and even start welcoming the opportunity to converse with native speakers.

You’ll also be surprised how encouraging they will be, even with a starter. People appreciate the effort you’re making to learn their language.

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