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Published : Wed, Aug 12, 2020 4:00 PM GMT

More accolades for Berlitz Method

“Berlitz’s approach to teaching languages is comprehensive and enjoyable, and is a fun way to expand your language proficiency,” Nathan.

“The staff and instructors at Berlitz are amazing and the flexibility of the program is great if you have a busy schedule,” Emily.

Language students across Canada are making similar remarks about their Berlitz experiences.

One reason, mentioned by Emily (above), is the quality of the Berlitz staff. They have been described across the country as committed, welcoming, kind, always ready to help. 

The staff is a major reason why language learning at Berlitz is, as Nathan described, “enjoyable and is a fun way to expand your language proficiency.”

The staff creates a relaxing atmosphere in which to focus on the language you’re learning.

Berlitz flexibility makes learning easier.

Berlitz offers a number of ways to learn, including:

One-on-one with a live instructor

Group lessons live with an instructor

One-on-one lessons online 

Groups lessons online with an instructor

A Berlitz goal is to match your schedule with your preferred style of learning.

At the heart of the process is, however, the Berlitz Method®.

Unlike other language programs that focus on repetition, or laborious study of verb conjugations and grammar, the Berlitz Method focuses on conversation, learning language just as you did as a child.

The Berlitz Method immerses you in your goal language. Teaching and discussion are all in that language, and presented in the context of practical, real-life situations. The result: most students can speak some of their language, even after the first lesson.

Berlitz is also goal oriented. Each lesson has a specific learning objective. That’s why you start with the Berlitz staff, discussing your specific goals, proficiency level and what you want to achieve from your language learning.

Progress is reviewed regularly to ensure you are on course.

The Berlitz Method is not only the most effective way to learn a language, it’s fun and fulfilling.


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