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Published : Wed, Oct 16, 2019 4:00 PM GMT

French Canadian and English—There are Commonalities

Canada is officially a bilingual country; French Canadian is French Canadian and English is English. Right?


Not quite; there are some words and expressions that are identical or very similar used in both French Canadian and English. Some have English origins and others French origins. Here are a few examples:


English origins in French

  • The French word for jeans is jeans
  • Blogger is very similar in French, le blogueur
  • Telephone is téléphone in French
  • Weekend in English is weekend in French
  • Bestseller is best-seller in French


French origins in English

  • The French word omelette is very similar to the English omelet
  • Café in French is cafe in English
  • The French word la critique is critique in English
  • Entrepreneur in French is the same word in English
  • Pique-nique in French is very similar to picnic in English
  • Menu is the same word in French and English

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