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Published : Tue, Sep 7, 2021 4:00 PM GMT

Canadian High-Tech Soaring Despite COVID

Mention Canada and people may think of our diversified cultures and heritages, friendly people, beautiful mountains, lakes, prairies, and historic cities and communities stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. They may not know Canada is quicky becoming one of the world’s hotbeds of high technology.

In fact, the tech sector is Canada’s fastest-growing industry.

Despite the widespread economic havoc wreaked by the COVID pandemic, it’s anticipated there will be more high-tech jobs in Canada post-pandemic.

Canada’s culture and government policies are two major reasons.

Canada is recognized internationally for its welcoming immigration approach, educational system, and economic and political stability, diversity and standard of living. Colleges and universities have enlarged and enhanced their technology and business programs, and companies are coming to Canada to find tech-savvy employees.

Canada’s immigration policy has been especially “generous to high-tech employees,” Avi Goldfarb, chairman of the Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare department at the University of Toronto told the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The government has also been praised for ramping up support and investment in high tech.

One strategy has been to establish “innovation superclusters” throughout the nation.

In 2017 the government began a series of programs with the goal of “building a nation of innovators,” and helping companies commercialize technology, according to Science|Business.

Tech advancement is occurring across the country.

Calgary has become a base for growing sustainable and renewable energy, as well as researching greenhouse gas emissions.

Vancouver has created one of the most significant “clean-tech” centres in North America, also focusing on environment sustainability, including fuel-cell research. Twenty-five percent of Canada’s cleantech companies are located here.

Toronto has been called “Silicon Valley North.”

Canada’s largest city is the world’s fastest-growing destinations for high-technology jobs,” according to a Wharton report, particularly in artificial intelligence.

Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and many other domestic and international corporations have established or expanded operations here.

Nearby in Ontario is the “Technology Triangle,” a centre for technology, start-ups and entrepreneurship.

The Montréal area, sometimes called the “video game centre of North America, is a leading location for biotechnology, life sciences, information technology and clean tech.

And, the latest data show high-tech jobs are continuing to grow.

Indications are that just as high technology helped sustain Canada during COVID, it’s likely to help it grow into the future.

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