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Published : Mon, Aug 9, 2021 4:00 PM GMT

Canada recognized as ‘best’ place to move; culture, education, and people help attract immigrants

Canada has recently been recognized as something a lot of its immigrants probably already knew; it is the best place in the world to move.

Canada rates No. 1 in the U.S. New & World Report’s 2021 listing of the Best Places to Immigrate. The rankings were compiled along with the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. We rated ahead of Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. The U.S. came in sixth.

The economy is one reason immigrants settle in Canada. More than 30 countries have larger populations, but Canada has the world’s 10th largest economy. It is viewed around the world as a place where jobs and opportunities are still available.

In fact, technology is Canada’s fastest-growing industry.

But Canada’s selection as a great place to move says even more about its culture.

We ranked highest in “Quality of Life” and “Social Purpose,” a vague term that includes racial equality, social justice and climate goals. There is a lot of evidence that support these ratings.

Immigration and multiculturalism are important to Canadians. Almost 50 years ago Canada adopted an official policy of multiculturalism. Unlike some other countries, many large cultural groups live together without fuss, while retaining the ability to practice their own religions and cultures.

Another strong incentive for immigrants, Canadians value education. Spending on education per capita is one of the highest in the world, and Canada rates No. 1 for spending on post-secondary education as a percentage of GNP.

Canada also has a very stable political system.

Sure, there are differences between political parties, but Canadians have been largely spared much of the divisiveness which have split some other countries over such issues as environmental concerns, LGBTQ rights, immigration and women’s rights.

There is also lots to see, do and enjoy.

As well as being culturally diverse, Canada is beautifully geographically diverse.

Canadians can enjoy coastal views of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In between there are such major cities to visit as Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, among many others. Canada is also widely recognized for its outdoor recreation, parks, lakes and trails.

Perhaps even more important, Canadians have a reputation for being some of the friendliest, welcoming people on the globe.


These add to being more than a good place to immigrate, but also a great place to live.

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