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Berlitz Canada has years of experience in preparing learners for the Second Language Evaluation administered by the Public Service Commission of Canada. The Berlitz programs focus on developing the learner's global ability to function in a second language. The training program prepares the learners for government exams and is aimed at developing practical skills and communicative ability. We stress the accomplishment of communicative tasks that are common to most jobs in the federal public service.

At Berlitz, we ensure that each learner is well-prepared for the exam. After completing a thorough assessment of the individual's language proficiency, Berlitz prepares a customized training program plan for each individual. This customized plan takes into account areas of strength and weakness and provides an outline for addressing each area of development: grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, etc. Training activities include a range of rigourous exercise and practice activities designed to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. These programs are offered to meet your schedule or timeline either through intensive classes or in small groups.

Attainment Programs

Level BBB
At Level B, individuals have sufficient vocabulary and a variety of simple structures to handle concrete, non-routine situations and topics. They can speak with some spontaneity and understand the main points of clear standard speech, incorporation of content-based conversations can improve oral proficiency and spontaneous speech on work-related topics.

Berlitz proprietary materials provide the foundation for the B Level preparation. We focus on all aspects of linguistic competency, including listening, speaking reading and writing. We supplement our own materials with special audio CDs which help the learner to develop fluency in a work-related context. Tests help the learner to be prepared for the tasks and situations he or she will face in the actual test. Finally, to support the goal of fluent oral expression, Berlitz uses simulations.

Level CBC or CCC
At a C Level, an individual demonstrates mastery of a broad range of vocabulary and linguistic complex structures. An individual with C level proficiency is able to manage complex interactions such as negotiations and opinion questions, as well as abstract topics.

To prepare for Level C evaluations, Berlitz uses a wide range of activities. Your program would utilize specialized CDs to help you develop fluency in work-related context. Practice tests allow learners to develop their reading comprehension skills, while test simulations allow learners to prepare for the real-life test environment.

Maintenance Program

When the time comes to upgrading or maintaining your BBB or CCC, you can trust Berlitz to refresh your skills and to ensure that you are successful in employment. We use a direct and practical approach to refresh your language skills in either individual classes or small groups.

Programme de français langue seconde – A et B (PFL2-A et B) and PFL2 – Niveau C

CEWP, Interface Canada, English at levels A - B. CEWP, Interface Canada, English at levels C

Berlitz has the greatest number of instructors who will make sure that you are successful in learning French as a second language.

Berlitz offers the program that is right for you

  • Offered either in Total Immersion®, individual classes according to your busy schedule or in charter group setting
  • An assessment is conducted with each learner before a program begins to determine the specific needs
  • Lessons are given by instructors that are well qualified with years of experience in teaching adults
  • Halfway through your program, we will review your progress to make sure we are helping you meet your needs

At the end of your programs, we review all your progress to make sure you will pass your government test.

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