• 4 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

     Are you thinking about learning French but need a little extra motivation. Here are a few  things to  know to get you steered in the right direction. 




  • 4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a New Language

    Parents today are always looking for an edge for their children in a constantly evolving and competitive society.  Many parents know that one way to advantage their children is through the learning of a new language at a young age. Listed below are 4 reasons why children should learn a new language:



  • 5 Ways Your Child Can Learn a New Language at Home

    Now that it's summer, your children will have a lot more time on their hands. If you're looking for ways to encourage them to continue their progress in learning a new language, you're not alone. There is a wide variety of benefits of learning a second language, including being better prepared for a job or post-secondary education and being more mindful of other ways of life. Learning a language requires constant exposure. A few months respite could counter any progress made during the school year. Here are five ways to help your child learn a new language at home:

  • As You Watch Soccer's Biggest Event, Win Some Great Prizes from Berlitz!

    Soccer's tournament for world supremacy is here, which means everyone from around the world will be glued to their television sets, rooting their team to victory. Although the Canada National Team did not make it to Group Play this year, that doesn't mean Canadians can't have a ton of fun watching the best soccer players from around the world compete on the biggest stage.

    As you get ready for the games to begin? There's one more thing you have to do. We encourage you enter the Berlitz Cup Sweepstakes. 

  • Making Yourself More Marketable with a Second Language

    We're in the middle of spring graduation season in Canada, and this means that there will be countless young men and young women out there who are looking for work. Are you one of the many young people who are struggling to find full-time work? If so, have you considered learning a second language? If not, here are several ways being bilingual can make you more marketable in this still tight job market:

  • Have the Best Summer Ever at a Berlitz Summer Camp Event

    The weather is getting warmer, which means summer is almost here. Have you made plans yet for your children? If you would prefer to avoid the usual and give your children the opportunity to learn something new, we encourage you to check out the Berlitz Kids® Summer Language Camps in your area.  Each year, a diverse number of kids, from 4 all of the way up to 15, take the time to progress in their language learning in a fun, relaxed setting. Here are some highlights your kids will find at a Berlitz Summer Camp:

  • Moving to Canada? Here's Why You Should Brush Up on Your French

    If you're moving to Canada, one of the questions you might have is whether or not you should learn just English, just French, or both languages. The answer to that question might depend on where you live as French is the primary language spoken in Quebec as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. English is spoken primarily elsewhere, although this will depend on whom you're speaking with in Canada.

  • The Way Learning a Language Should Be

    Our Kids Summer Camps were designed to teach French, Spanish and other languages in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. To achieve this, our camps include native speakers who are fluent, a curriculum that features a wide variety of fun, engaging activities and small groups to facilitate active participation. Learn more about what makes our camps stand out here. 

  • Who Are the Top Five Canadian Winter Olympians in the World?

    There’s no question that Canada is synonymous with the Winter Olympics. There has been a Canadian team at each Winter Olympics games since its inception in 1924, and Canada has hosted the games twice – 1988 in Calgary and 2010 in Vancouver. It was in Vancouver where the Canadians led the world with the most medals won (26). With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the best Canada has had to offer.  We here at Berlitz facilitate language learning programs for a wide variety of languages, including Russian – Sochi is the host of the 2014 Winter Games. Here are our favorite Canadian Olympians of all-time.

  • Eight Things to Know about Sochi before the Games

    We’re only a few short weeks away from the Winter Games in Sochi. Are you ready for them? Sochi is a beautiful city with a rich history and vibrant culture. To showcase this, we developed a few fun facts about Sochi. Now, if you’re taking Russian through one of our immersion language learning program to get ready for the games, you might know these already. If not, these facts might be news to you. Here are some things we think you should know about the city of Sochi to get ready for the games:

  • Four Things that Are Way Easier to Do When You Are Younger

    If you want to learn a new language, it might be a good idea to do so when you are younger. This is what researchers from Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital  and The Neuro at McGill University and Oxford University found in a study conducted to look at the brain structure of language learners at different ages.


  • How Much Do You Know about Canada’s History in the Winter Olympics?

    As we embark on the Winter Games in Sochi, we would like to take a second to celebrate Canada’s role in the Winter Olympics. Canada has been a part of the Winter Olympics since the beginning (1924), and it has produced some of the most inspirational and exceptional moments in the history of the games. The question then is how much do you know about your Canadian brothers and sisters in the Winter Olympics?

    Show your knowledge of Canadian Olympic history here!

  • Some of the Most Unique Holiday Traditions from around the World

    As Christmas is only a few days away, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the most interesting holiday traditions from around the world. In Canada, we have Santa Claus, of course, which is celebrated elsewhere in the world. Some in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, though, also practice Mummering, which involves dressing up in costume and going to different homes to see if they’re allowed in to partake in Christmas cake and holiday cheer. Here are some other unique holiday traditions you’ll find around the world:

  • Can Bilingualism Benefit Early Childhood Development?

    If there's one thing you can do to give your child an advantage, it's giving them the gift of a second language. Studies indicate that toddlers who are exposed to more than one language are better able to develop the cognitive skills necessary to succeed. Learn more here. 

  • What to Know as a Canadian if You Want to Live Abroad?

    Although you might not think it, some Canadians do live in other parts of the world. Whether they're there for school, work, retirement or personal reasons, Canadians can be found all over the world. If you're considering living abroad for a short time or for the foreseeable future, there are a wide variety of resources that you might want to consider consulting beforehand.  Here are a few of the top ones we can think of:

  • Here are Five of Our Favourite French Phrases and Sayings

    There's no question that France has had a huge impact on Canadian history. One of the ways we still see this is through some of the phrases that we use in our lexicon. Here are a few of our favourites. Let us know how many of these phrases you use in your daily life. For more information about French history and our language learning program, please contact a Berlitz customer service representative today. 

  • Four Things to Do Before You Visit Europe for the First Time

    A European vacation can be a life-changing event. However, how much fun you have depends on how prepared your are. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Five of the Many Benefits of Traveling Overseas

    There are a wide variety of benefits out there when you travel overseas. Whether you're looking for better health or just become a more global citizen, overseas travel can be an enriching experience. Here are five of our favorite benefits. 

  • 135 ANS!

    Pour plus de 135 ans, Berlitz a fourni langue des programmes d'apprentissage aux étudiants partout dans le monde. En utilisant la technique d'immersion, les élèves ont eu la chance de parler dès le premier jour. Découvrez notre infographie ici pour en savoir plus sur la riche histoire.

  • Berlitz Celebrates 135 Year Anniversary!

    For over 135 years, Berlitz has provided language learning programs to students all across the world. Using the immersion technique, students have had the chance to speak from day one. Check out our infographic here to learn more about rich history. 

  • Invest in a Language Learning Program before You Retire

    A growing number of people are choosing to not stay in Canada and go abroad to spend their Golden Years. There are a number of reasons for this. They could be tired of the long winters and chilly weather that encompass the climate of a large majority of the country; maybe they want to live more cheaply; perhaps it’s just a matter of wanting to experience different cultures more, and living abroad makes this a greater possibility. Whatever the case, just take a look at this list from MSNBC to see what the most popular places to live abroad among retirees are:

  • Turn to the Berlitz Method When the Classroom Fails

    In Stanford in Palo Alto, California, researchers have determined that the American classroom system isn’t doing a good job of teaching English, even though the number of students whose first language isn’t English is growing. Nearly five million students cite another language than English as their primary language, which accounts for eleven percent of the total student population. This is not just an American concern either. Learn more about this unique story here. 

  • Learn English in a Different Country through BERLITZ STUDY ABROAD

    If you’re looking for the best way for someone to learn English, consider this question: How did you learn your native language? Were you just given a bunch of books and told to memorize nouns, verbs and sentence structure? We’ll venture a guess and say no. Rather, you probably listened to your parents and those around you and mimicked them. You saw what words they used in a given situation and you used those same words. You learned the language by listening and speaking, while reading and writing didn’t come until later on.

  • Join Us This Summer for a Language Learning Camp Like No Other

    Summertime is most children’s favorite time of the year, but it can be a problem for some parents who need a way to occupy their children’s time as they work, conduct errands, volunteer or take care of any other responsibilities. You also might just not want your children in front of the television all summer when they could be spending their time doing something more worthwhile. Whatever the reason, you’ll need a solution, and this is where Berlitz can help your children learn new skills and have some fun too, so they’ll have plenty to talk about when school opens up in the fall.

  • eBERLITZ A 360° Learning Experience

    We are pleased to present the new “eBerlitz”. Our Media Based Learning segment (MBL) has been re-named to eBerlitz. This name translates the company’s vision of a 360° learning as it reflects both our new electronic learning media and our brand.

  • Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

    At least once in your life, you probably sat in a classroom, watching the minutes tick by at an excruciatingly slow rate while your Latin teacher forced you to recite nouns in the second declension.  Perhaps it was Spanish, German or Arabic class instead.  In any case, your reason for learning the language in question was simple: it was an academic requirement.  Too often, language learning stops there.  Why would you want to relive those school days?  Yet there are many compelling reasons to learn a new language. Language learning can be fun, can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and interests, and can have many benefits that you may not be aware of.  Here are just a few reasons you might want to learn a new language.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

     Are you thinking about learning a new language but need a little extra motivation? Here are a  few things to know to steer you in the right direction. 






  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

     Are you thinking about learning French but need a little extra motivation? Here are a couple  of reasons to help steer you in the right direction. 






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